Snipe structure

SNIPE technology, created by «Mini IT» company, is designed to facilitate the work of game developers. SNIPE simplifies many processes in creating complex multiplayer game services.

Currently SNIPE provides game developers with an opportunity to reduce the time and intellectual costs and minimize financial risks in developing and launching projects.

The client part

  • Multi-launch

    Significantly simplifies launching applications in all supported networks. This greatly reduces the time and costs of entering a large number of networks. The maximum number of users connect to the application in the shortest time- and thus, the developer starts to get an excellent income in the first months after the application starts.

  • Analyst

    Responsible for integrating of Google Analytics features into the game app to collect statistics and track user's activity in the game. With this feature, developers can perform efficient and detailed analysis of the activity of the users. Not a single whim of the player will elude your all-seeing eye!

  • Anti-barrier

    Allows you to ignore game bans through the Internet, where they are set by providers or network administrators. So, you won't miss a single customer or a financial transaction.

The server part

Scalable SNIPE server is the main link of the platform. It is a cluster of units (nodes), each of which can support up to 10,000 users at a time. Adding units is done in real time as the number of users increases.

Before starting a game project there is a possibility to produce automatic load testing by simulating the actual activity of the players. Such testing helps to understand whether the equipment is ready for full load: whether the game server will sustain a certain number of users and whether its work will be efficient enough for the users to feel comfortable during the game. During the testing, the software components that slow down the game server are identified, which allows to make all the necessary improvements before the application is launched.

Two profilers are responsible for the monitoring of the server performance::

  • Server profiler monitors the processes inside the server. This allows you to find weak points in the logic of server.

  • Database profiler tracks the interaction of the server with the database and allows to profile the time of execution of requests to server.


Is a set of modules, each of which is a tool for managing the server or creating a particular element of the game. All modules can be easily upgraded by developers.

  • Module of objects is responsible for creating integral elements of the game, which possess certain attributes. Entities can be handled with this module (features and specifications can be added).
  • Designer of game entities allows you to set the basic parameters of the entity (an item or object used in the game).
  • The statistics module enables to monitor the state of the server and display statistics on the following indicators: number of registered characters, number of characters that are registered in the same social network, number of characters online, number of active characters, users' activity for the day, for the current week/in the past 7 days, the current month/in the past 30 days, number of users who use paid services, LTV (indicator showing the amount spent by the user to pay for game services before leaving the game) - the minimum, maximum, average, final (calculated on the basis of information about users that left the game over a month or two ago), number of active sales for different time periods, ARPU (ratio of the number of active users to income), ARPPU (ratio of the number of users who use paid services to income - it shows how much each of such users spends on average).
  • Module of creating and editing scripts allows to carry out frequently changing game logic and change it quickly and easily.
  • Module of achievements, in which Achievements are created and edited.
  • Chat filter module defines a list of words and expressions automatically replaced in chat with a given symbol (for example, with *).
  • Effect module is responsible for creating the conditions relevant to the individual player for a certain period of time (such as: player is mute for half an hour, has certain magical abilities for, e.g. three days, etc.)
  • Module of loading mathematical tables and gaming constants lets you create formulas and mathematical tables for the game in the form of Microsoft excel or Open office/Libre office calc tables and then upload them. These tables can be used to determine the requirements to players (eg, how much experience a player needs to move to the next level or what attack a player will have at a certain level). Tables also contain information about the conditions, changing simultaneously for all players (day & night shift, change of weather conditions).
  • Module of graphic materials, by which the graphical display of objects is defined.
  • Moderator's module, by which opportunities of moderation are defined and edited, includes a ban, temporary ban, permanent ban by IP, tracking players who play from the same computer with multiple characters, etc.
  • The module of lottery organization allows you to create a lottery in the game.
  • Module of stores is responsible for creating the game stores in which you can add items from the list of items, remove them from there, and do other things.
  • Localization module allows you to unload server strings for translation into any language and upload the completed translation back with one button. Used for online translation of applications into many languages​​, which is necessary for accessing new international markets.
  • projects that work on snipe

    • Tuner Life — Drag racing at 402/1600 meters with live opponents!

    • Forbidden race — Take part in drag racing competitions!

    • Petwar — dogs and cats fight for the right to be the only human companions.