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The model of work
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projects that work on Snipe

  • Tuner Life — Drag racing at 402/1600 meters with live opponents!

  • Forbidden race — Take part in drag racing competitions!

  • Petwar — dogs and cats fight for the right to be the only human companions.

features and technologies

TCP only

Bypass of traffic block by firewalls and corporate networks. If the client can not connect through the socket-connection, protocol of bypassing the block due to tunneling in http-like traffic is used.

google analytics

In-game data collection of user behavior via Google Analytics. You can analyze every move of your player.

  • - Constructor of game entities
  • - The system of quests and rewards
  • - Creation and edition of game content
  • - Gathering statistics on players and performance profiling
  • - Creation and edition of server scripts
  • - Access control based on roles
  • - Tools for moderator
  • - Multithreaded real-time socket server;
  • - Language of the server: Haxe; Runtime: NekoVM; DBMS: PostgreSQL;
  • - Current technological limit: 10k CCU on one server machine;
  • - Cluster architecture, unlimited scalability;
  • - Built-in server profiler and profiler of database queries. With detailed report of execution time for each operation and performance of each module. A very effective tool for finding performance bottlenecks of the game server;
  • - Automatic backup of the user database to Amazon S3 or any external storage, external hosting.